Plant Sale Days

Our public plant sales are held on the first weekends of June, July and August each year.
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Our Covid online shop is not taking orders however can be used as a tool for plant selection. The site has photos and descriptions of most of the local and South Australian native plant species which we will have in 2023. Click here for our Online Catalogue

Contact Heidi for details. 0431 989 397.

Our recent plant sales have been very successful. More local native plants than ever were produced by our volunteers for revegetation projects, properties, wildlife habitat and gardens. Funds raised from plant sales are being used to support other local groups and projects including:
Reprinting of Focus on Flora
Management of Hale Conservation Park
Friends of Para Wirra Conservation Park
Mid Torrens Catchment Group - Paddock Trees Project
SA Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Centre
Woodland Rescue Cromer CP
The Habitat Recovery Alliance
Mid Murray LAP SA - Meldanda

All profits from our August 2019 sale were donated to BioR. BioR is a non-profit organisation that focuses on offsetting ecological footprints through large scale plantings and reconstruction of habitats needed to prevent on-going declines and losses of plant and animal species.

If you would like more information please contact Heidi 0431989397

Account details if paying for plants online

BSB 105021

AC 038497940

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Last Modified May 30th 2023