Our nursery

Nursery address is 176 South Para Rd, Williamstown SA. This is the main gate of South Para Reservoir which is normally locked.

The Kersbrook Landcare Nursery (formerly The South Para Biodiversity Nursery) has been operating for approximately 21 years. The nursery began growing tube stock plants for local revegetation projects using local provenance seeds.

In 2009 the nursery moved to a nearby but larger site (still within the South Para Reservoir land) where we have over time been able to develop the nursery to as it is seen today. Staffed by trained energetic volunteers and managed by Heidi the nursery now grows well over 300 species of quality local plants. These range from ground storey plants, small and large shrubs, climbers, rushes and grasses and trees. A small range of other South Australian natives are also grown. We usually propagate about 100,000 tube stock plants each year. Nearly all seed is still collected locally and there is also a range of cutting grown plants that have been difficult to grow from seed. These plants are not available for retail or other onselling.

The Kersbrook Landcare Group is a not for profit organisation and our volunteers are committed to enhancing the environment (private and public properties) in and around the Hills. Quality plants are lovingly grown and cared for by these volunteers enabling us to keep our tube stock costs down. Profits from the nursery will go into other important environmental works. This way any money you spend will enhance the environment twice. Firstly on your property and later in a local environmental project

By enhancing your garden with a wide range of colorful plants, different sizes, layers, textures etc you will not only create a great living zone but you will be encouraging biodiversity with birds, butterflies and other insects and other animals sharing your garden.

2019 Landcare Award

Last Modified February 1st 2022