Health Benefits of Australian Native Foods - An evaluation of health-enhancing compounds

This Australian Goverment's Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation has released a report that represen



Along the road the magpies walk
with hands in pockets, left and right.
They tilt their heads, and stroll and talk.
In their well-fitted black and white

Scaevola albida

Scaevola albida
A creeping herb up to 20 cm high that forms irregular clumps to about 50 cm by 50 cm.
Leaves: The leaves are between 7 to14 mm long and 2.2 to 5 mm wide, and have  a pointed tip. The leaf margins are entire towards the base, and sometimes sharply toothed closer to the apex. The upper leaf surfaces, margins and main vein on the undersurface are covered with hairs.
The flowers are stalkless and solitary in the leaf axils, and occur in leafy terminal spikes up to 7 cm long. The corolla ranges from white to pale blue to mauve with a yellow or white throat, and is sparsely hairy on the inside.

Night Parrots


Night Parrots: the most enigmatic of birds

Australia's Dragonflies


 Front cover of The Complete Field Guide to Dragonflies of Australia by Dr. Günther Theischinger & Mr John Hawking.

Complete field guide to dragonflies of Australia

Here for the first time is a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to Australia's dragonflies and damselflies.


 Frogs Are Beautiful Too!

This article will change the way you look at frogs forever! Who knew that frogs could be striking and colourful?

 Frogs Are Beautiful Too!


Resistance to Key Herbicide

Annual ryegrass.jpg

Paraquat Resistance Discovered in Major Weed

ScienceDaily  — Scientists at the University of Adelaide have discovered new cases of herbicide resistance in annual ryegrass, one of the world's most serious and costly weeds.

Glyphosate & crop nutrient interactions

"Glyphosate is a strong, broad spectrum nutrient chelate that inhibits plant enzymes responsible for disease resistance so that plants succumb to pathogenic attack. Widespread glyphosate-induced nutrient deficiency is reducing crop production efficiency and increasing plant disease."

 Glyphosate & crop nutrient interactions have been a topic of conversation in recent times. This article by Dr. Don Huber in the US summarises his view on the subject:

Busy beetles

Busy beetles
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